Planning through Projects: Moving from Master Planning to Strategic Planning -- 30 Cities
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May 2009
560 pages
ISBN: 978-90-8594-023-4


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Planning through Projects: Moving from Master Planning to Strategic Planning -- 30 Cities

By Marisa Carmona
Contributions by Rod Burgess and M.S. Badenhorst

The starting point of Planning through Projects is the diversity of historical, political, socio-economic and environmental factors that affect the urban realities of each city. The book shows how the shift from master planning to strategic planning through large urban projects is a worldwide process affecting all countries, and it highlights the impact that such large projects have on urban governance.

A theoretical introduction is followed by 30 city cases, considering the socio-economic and environmental context, and the plans and strategies implemented: Beijing, Bilbao, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Córdoba, Daegu, Fukuoka, Glasgow, Hsinchu, La Plata, Liverpool, Lusaka, Mexico City, Montevideo, Ningbo, Panama, Paris, Pretoria, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, Santiago, San Salvador, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei, The Hague, Tokyo, and Valparaíso.

The global scope, the combination of theory and practice, and the many examples, plans and illustrations make this book an excellent reference for teachers, students and professionals working in urban planning and management.

“… provides meaningful insights on how the neoliberal economy is shaping the future of the city and contributes significantly to broaden the current perspectives on urban planning and management issues.”
– Marcello Balbo, UNESCO Chair, Professor of Urban Planning, Università Iuav of Venice, Italy.

“There are riches too great to absorb in a single read….It bridges the planning and architecture perspectives in city development by considering socioeconomic and environmental situations and planning strategies.
…makes a persuasive case for the influence of plans and projects on urban development.”
- Lewis D. Hopkins, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US

“An important contribution to a contemporary vision of organizing and re-organizing our enlarged cities in a globalized world.
… a huge source of successful examples as well as in-depth analysis of a fluid integrative planning approach rather than a more static master planning system.”
– Yasunori Kitao, Professor of Architecture, Kyoto Women’s University, Japan

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