About Techne Press

Techne Press is an independent publishing house for academic and professional publications in the field of urban design, spatial planning, sustainability, and environmental issues circling around these spatial topics. In short, publications from Techne Press address the question how to create a built environment that endures in the physical, social, economic, and environmental sense.

Techne Press works in association with other international publishers, and we cooperate with suppliers and partners who deliver high-quality as well: for printing, POD, and other state-of-the-art electronic publishing techniques, for marketing and distribution. This allows us to remain flexible and personal, while we also have the ability to publish in an up-to-date fashion, with a strong network of services and facilities. For an overview of distributors and international publishing partners, click here.

Together we are able to deliver fine books, peer-reviewed publications, POD-materials for niche markets, and we want to be your partner when it comes to the publication of your work.

Publishing is our profession »

Techne Press is dedicated to the dissemination of information, and we see ourselves as part of the academic and professional information communication channel. If the author is the sender of the message and the reader the receiver, it is our responsibility to package that message as clearly as possible and to distribute it as widely as possible. That is our added value to your work.

We do this by discussing and helping you shape your manuscript, by exercising quality control, and by using our promotion and marketing skills and channels.

Techne, or properly Τέχνη, is Greek for art, skill, or profession. Obviously, Techne is the root of the word technique, and in that sense the name of the Press refers to the discipline we aim to serve: the professionals and academic community that applies their technique and skills to the architecture and the built environment.

Secondly, Techne refers to our own profession, the making of publications. Techne Press aims to serve the academic community by publishing and disseminating your knowledge. We do this by screening, selecting, e-publishing, printing, marketing, and distributing books, and other publications if applicable. And we do this in the best possible manner. That's our expertise, that's our profession.

The people and the organization »

Techne Press is an independent publishing house that operates in an international environment, working in a network of partners and publishers. We unite many years of publishing experience, marketing, editing, and design.

Heleen Gierveld - Owner and publisher of Techne Press

Heleen Gierveld is the owner and publisher of Techne Press. Having worked in the book and publishing profession since 1988, she wanted to create a publishing house with personal attention for the authors & their work. Heleen sees the role of a publisher as an added value to the communication chain between author and reader. An added value in terms of quality control, distribution and marketing.

Heleen has an open mind to open access and is interested in discussing options in this direction further with you. Either as part of publications for Techne Press, as well as part of your own publishing programme, if you are an association, organization, or library. Her ideas on this issue have been expressed in the following contributions:

Considering a Marketing and Communications Approach for an Institutional Repository / Heleen Gierveld, Ariadne, October 2006

A Conceptual Analysis of Functions, Processes, and Products in the Scholarly Communication Chain / Heleen Gierveld, Conference Proceedings ELPUB, November 2002

Sören Johnson - language editor

Sören Johnson - language editor. Write clear and concise, those are Sören's key points when he teaches his students. A native English speaker with an MA in English, he specializes in academic writing and editing and teaches writing courses and seminars at various universities. For Techne Press, Sören writes marketing copy, evaluates manuscripts, and edits texts, when that is required.

Henni van Dijk - book design

Henni van Dijk - book design. Many of our beautiful book designs and covers are creations from Henni. After her art academy, Henni was partner of a studio in graphical design and technology. She currently runs Design Studio Rood.

Globecenter BV - warehousing and logistics. Globecenter is located near the harbour of Amsterdam. All the books we send out are stocked, shipped, handled, and mailed from here, by Willem Ros and his team.

International publishing partners »

Island Press - Island Press is the leading publisher of books on environmental issues, targeting key audiences including professionals, students, professors, policy makers, opinion leaders, and the public. They foster the exchange of information across disciplines and sectors - global systems, natural systems, human systems and the built environment. Island Press facilitates the marketing, promotion, and distribution for Techne Press in the North American Market (USA and Canada).

CSIRO Publishers - Liased with Australia's national science agency, CSIRO Publishers is a leading publishing house in the areas of environmental sciences, sustainability, the built environment, and architectural design. CSIRO Publishers facilitates the marketing, promotion, and distribution for Techne Press in Australia and New Zealand.

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