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Urbanized Deltas in Transition

Edited by Han Meyer, Steffen Nijhuis

Urbanized deltas are highly complex systems. They are the most densely urbanized and industrialized areas in the world; at the same time, they face many threats from climate change, being(...)

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Changing Places: Urbanity, Citizenship & Ideology in New European Neighbourhoods

Edited by Marco Cremaschi and Frank Eckardt

Changing Places investigates the process of change in European neighbourhoods over the last twenty years, both newly and purposely built neighbourhoods and redeveloped ones. It shows that change(...)

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Begroeide daken na 2010: Afstemming van techniek, organisatie en maatschappelijk belang

By Peter G. Teeuw en Christoph Maria Ravesloot

Dakbegroeiing in de stad levert een maatschappelijk voordeel in termen van leefmilieu en waterbuffering, mits toegepast op de juiste plek en op grotere schaal. Dit potentieel kan alleen benut(...)

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Management of Urban Development Processes in the Netherlands

Edited by Agnes Franzen, Fred Hobma, Hans de Jonge and Gerard Wigmans

This book provides a management view on urban area development. Urban area development has increasingly been influenced by the private sector, requiring the public sector to adapt. Network(...)

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The Europeanization of Cities

Edited by Alexander Hamedinger and Alexander Wolffhardt

The Europeanization of Cities sheds light on the complex interplay between cities and the EU, both how cities engage with the EU and how the EU engages with cities. In particular, the book(...)

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