Introduction to Energy Analysis
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April 2007; reprinted 2009
256 pages
ISBN: 90-8594-016-8


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Introduction to Energy Analysis

By Kornelis Blok

Liberalisation of energy markets, security of energy supply, and the threat of climate change are just three important current issues directly related to the world of energy.

Introduction to Energy Analysis is a thorough introduction into the analysis of energy systems and energy technologies. This textbook helps understand energy systems by giving a balanced treatment of both energy supply and energy demand systems. It provides a range of methodologies and tools for analysing real world energy systems, including energy management, life-cycle energy analysis, energy efficiency indicators, energy technology analysis, energy scenario analysis, and energy policy analysis.

Students with a background in natural sciences, engineering, environmental sciences and economics will find this a complete introduction to the challenging world of energy. The numerous exercises help apply the theory to practical problems.

Introduction to Energy Analysis will help the reader understand developments in this rapidly changing field and analyse the options for the future.

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Book review(s)

"This is precisely the sort of book we need, an equal exploration of the technical and management issues surrounding clean energy systems. Bravo!"
Dan Kammen, University of California at Berkeley, ERG (Energy and Resources Group) and RAEL (Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory)

"This comprehensive textbook is an excellent introduction in energy issues for bachelor and master students. It fills a long-standing gap in energy analysis, explaining complex energy issues." Eberhard Jochem, ETH-Z├╝rich, CEPE (Centre for Energy Policy and Economics)

"Kornelis Blok takes us on a unique and thorough intellectual journey through the broad spectrum of energy analysis issues."
Joop Schoonman, Delft University of Technology, DISE (Delft Institute for Sustainable Energy)

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